IKKF Kobudo Seminar

On Sunday, May 3rd, our dojo hosted Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman and Hanshi Ann-Marie Heilman for a seminar on Okinawan Kenpo Kobudo.  Over a little more than 5 hours, participants received instruction in Bo, Tunfa and Sai – several of whom learned new kata.

This was the Heilman’s third year attending the Shidokan tournament and offering a kobudo seminar the following day.  It was their first visit to Rising Sun Martial Arts.  We are pleased to announce that the seminar was full, with 22 students on the floor – 12 of which were from our dojo.

Many thanks to the Heilmans for a great seminar, as well as to all the participants who came to train and learn – especially those from our guest dojo:  Focus Karate Academy, Porter Karate Academy, and Alpha Martial Arts Academy!

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