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Interested in Studying a Martial Art?– The section of our web site is dedicated to people who have never trained, or who are interested in joining a dojo.  Topics include a discussion of what karate is all about, what to look for in a dojo, and some general information about Rising Sun Martial Arts.

Why martial arts?  Check out these articles to learn about the benefits…

RSMA Student Information – This part of our web site is designed to provide a set of resources for our students.  Topics range from the weekly class schedule and calendar of events to history of our art to current rank requirements.

Little Ninjas Program – Information about our preschool karate program for 4 to 6 year olds.

Links – Links to other Shidokan International dojo, sites for support material, friends of our dojo, and other fun stuff.

The Dojo Library – Books and videos about the martial arts, eastern philosophy, poetry, etc.  This page is linked through the “Student Resources” page.

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