For Students

Student Information

This section of our web site is designed to be a resource for current RSMA students.

Student Resources – For use by our students, this page contains various topics relevant to training at Rising Sun Martial Arts.

Class Schedule – This page contains a list of scheduled classes at our dojo, and may change from time to time as the needs of our student body change. Free Introductory Classes are available for people interested in trying karate for the first time – please call to make an appointment. This page also contains a calendar of upcoming events.

History & Philosophy – The history and philosophy of the martial arts and our dojo.

Certification & Licensing – Our dojo is internationally certified through Shidokan International (for our empty-hand programs) and the International Karate Kobudo Federation (for our weapons program).  Information about these organizations and links to their sites can be found here.

The Dojo Library – Books and videos about the martial arts, eastern philosophy, poetry, etc. This page is linked through the “Student Resources” page.

Fun Stuff – Miscellaneous items to entertain and teach.