Doshi Kai

“Dojo Honor Society”

About Doshi Kai
Doshi Kai is the Japanese term for our dojo Honor Society.  Members of this group have been selected for induction by Kyoshi Baker because they have demonstrated their commitment to earning the rank of Black Belt.  Doshi Kai members consistently display positive attitude and maximum effort in class and are, therefore, positive role models for others.

The Doshi Kai Checklist
Students who have been invited to join our Doshi Kai must first complete a checklist to acknowledge that they fully understand the standards and requirements of membership within the dojo Honor Society.  This checklist includes the following items:

  • The student intends to achieve the level of Black Belt through his/her training at Rising Sun Martial Arts.  Students who already hold Black Belt ranking have made the commitment to achieve their next level of Black Belt.
  • The student understands that consistent training is critical to his/her success in the martial arts and strives to train, on average, twice per week.
  • The student is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, and displays exemplary spirit and maximum effort.
  • The student consistently works to improve his/her focus and to apply this important life skill in school and/or at work.
  • The student strives to maintain good grades in school.  (Special considerations are afforded to students with learning disabilities or whose grade reports show good effort.)
  • The student owns a full set of appropriate sparring gear.
  • The student takes pride in his/her appearance and keeps his/her uniform clean and in good repair.  Adults students are required to own and wear a heavyweight Shureido, Tokaido, or R.E.I. brand uniform.
  • The student participates in various training seminars offered by or recommended by Kyoshi Baker throughout the year.
  • The student attends the quarterly Doshi Kai induction ceremony in order to welcome new members and celebrate rank promotions.
  • The student, holding the rank of Rokyu or above, strives to further develop his/her leadership skills by assisting and/or teaching.

Benefits of Doshi Kai Membership
In addition to recognition of the qualities that they bring to our dojo, the members of our dojo Honor Society also receive various benefits due their dedication to the dojo and their pursuit of excellence in the martial arts.  These include…

  • Training in Shorin Ryu Karate-do and the ability to hold rank in this style of traditional Okinawan Karate.
  • Training in Kobu-do (traditional Okinawan weaponry) and the ability to hold rank in this traditional martial art.
  • Special classes reserved for Doshi Kai members.
  • Invitations to clinics and workshops reserved for Doshi Kai members.
  • Participation in instructor-training workshops throughout the year, leading to hierarchy appointments at higher levels of training.
  • Special Doshi Kai belts, in recognition of the students’ hard work and dedication.

How Do I Become a Member of Doshi Kai?
Doshi Kai membership is by personal invitation of Kyoshi Baker only.  The best way to be invited for membership is to strive to meet the following three guidelines:

  • Consistent Training
  • Exemplary Spirit
  • Maximum Effort

These three items are the key to success in both your martial arts training and in life outside the dojo.  Doshi Kai members are selected because they display these traits over the long term.

Remember: Black Belt is a journey, not a destination!