Hanshi Martin Seminars

Hanshi Ron Martin, East Coast Karate Champion, two-time Canadian National Champion, two-time Central American Champion, two-time South American Champion, and instructor of Hanshi-Sei Richie Bernard (my instructor), will be coming to RSMA on Thursday, August 17th, for two sessions only.
     Juniors            5:30-6:30pm     $20
     Adults             7:00-8:30pm     $30
These seminars are open to all RSMA students of the level of Jukyu (Purple Belt) and above.  Students who own sparring gear should bring it – however, sparring gear is not required to participate in the seminars.
Due to the size of the dojo, space is limited.  Please sign up in the office as soon as possible to reserve your spot for this event.
Please also note that students who do not meet dress code requirements will not be permitted to represent our dojo at this event.  Clean uniforms and straight patches are a must!
Hanshi Martin is truly a karate legend.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn from one of karate’s great masters!


Hanshi Martin Visit Flyer

Congratulations, New Kobudo Black Belts!

Two students tested for the level of Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) in Kobudo (traditional weapons) at the International Karate Kobudo Federation’s 31st Annual Training, July 10-12, 2015.

Shidoin Timothy Cunningham and Sempai John Cunningham were evaluated for rank on Friday evening, after a six-hour seminar.  The young men were required to demonstrate eight different kata (forms), across four different weapons (bo, tunfa, sai, and nunchaku).  They were then expected to perform bunkai for a kata of their choice.  The term “bunkai” means “analysis” – the testing candidate is expected to study his/her kata and develop a reasonable idea of how the techniques within the form could be applied in a self-defense situation, and then demonstrate his/her analysis against a partner.  For their bunkai kata, Tim selected the kata Odo no Nunchaku and John chose the kata Ko Bo.

(l-r) Sempai John Cunningham, Sensei Amelia Gallup, Shidoin Timothy Cunningham at the IKKF Annual Training Banquet. Tim and John are holding their Shodan rank certificates.


On Saturday evening, at the Annual Banquet, Tim and John were promoted to the level of Shodan by Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman, the president of the IKKF.  They received their official rank certificates and a patch for their Black Belts to indicate their status in Kobudo.

(l-r) Shidoin Tim Cunningham, Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman, Hanshi Ann-Marie Heilman.

(l-r) Shidoin Tim Cunningham, Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman, Hanshi Ann-Marie Heilman.

(l-r) Sempai John Cunningham, Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman, Hanshi Ann-Marie Heilman.

(l-r) Sempai John Cunningham, Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman, Hanshi Ann-Marie Heilman.

Both Tim and John have been leaders in our dojo, often teaching on both karate and kobudo.  They are both athletes, honor-roll students, and excellent role models for the lower ranks.  We are very proud of them both!

Congratulations, Tim and John!!


Karate Summer Camp

Karate Camp is a great opportunity for kids aged 7 through 14 to experience traditional karate training in a fun, safe environment.  Participants will be exposed to traditional karate techniques, basic self-defense, and fund games and exercises.

Camp runs from 9am until noon during the week of August 3-7, 2015.  Cost is $100 (a deposit of $25 reserves your space).  Special discount – bring a friend and get 10% off!*  Space is limited, so register soon!

Summer Camp – Registration Form 2015


*To qualify, your friend must not currently be a member of Rising Sun Martial Arts.  The discount is  10% off for each friend that you bring – bring 10 friends and attend camp for free!!

IKKF Kobudo Seminar

On Sunday, May 3rd, our dojo hosted Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman and Hanshi Ann-Marie Heilman for a seminar on Okinawan Kenpo Kobudo.  Over a little more than 5 hours, participants received instruction in Bo, Tunfa and Sai – several of whom learned new kata.

This was the Heilman’s third year attending the Shidokan tournament and offering a kobudo seminar the following day.  It was their first visit to Rising Sun Martial Arts.  We are pleased to announce that the seminar was full, with 22 students on the floor – 12 of which were from our dojo.

Many thanks to the Heilmans for a great seminar, as well as to all the participants who came to train and learn – especially those from our guest dojo:  Focus Karate Academy, Porter Karate Academy, and Alpha Martial Arts Academy!