Hanshi Martin Seminars

Hanshi Ron Martin, East Coast Karate Champion, two-time Canadian National Champion, two-time Central American Champion, two-time South American Champion, and instructor of Hanshi-Sei Richie Bernard (my instructor), will be coming to RSMA on Thursday, August 17th, for two sessions only.
     Juniors            5:30-6:30pm     $20
     Adults             7:00-8:30pm     $30
These seminars are open to all RSMA students of the level of Jukyu (Purple Belt) and above.  Students who own sparring gear should bring it – however, sparring gear is not required to participate in the seminars.
Due to the size of the dojo, space is limited.  Please sign up in the office as soon as possible to reserve your spot for this event.
Please also note that students who do not meet dress code requirements will not be permitted to represent our dojo at this event.  Clean uniforms and straight patches are a must!
Hanshi Martin is truly a karate legend.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn from one of karate’s great masters!


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