2018 Summer Open Tournament

Great Day at the 2018 Summer Open tournament in Claremont, NH!  This was held on Saturday, August 11th.

– Kyoshi Brent Baker: 1st in Kobudo, 2nd in Kata
– Sempai Jennifer Boyd: 1st in Kata
– Shidoin Calla Baker: 1st in Kata, 1st in Kumite, 3rd in Kobudo, JR BLACK BELT GRAND CHAMPION!
– Walter A.: 2nd in Kata
– Lily C.: 2nd in Kata, 2nd in Kumite, 5th in Kobudo
– Myah B.: 2nd in Kata, 3rd in Kumite
– Regan R.: 2nd in Kata

Excellent job, everyone! You have represented our dojo very well! Osu!

Image may contain: 7 people, including Rising Sun Martial Arts and Jennifer Boyd, people smiling, people standing, basketball court and indoor


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