2018 Summer Open Tournament

Great Day at the 2018 Summer Open tournament in Claremont, NH!  This was held on Saturday, August 11th.

– Kyoshi Brent Baker: 1st in Kobudo, 2nd in Kata
– Sempai Jennifer Boyd: 1st in Kata
– Shidoin Calla Baker: 1st in Kata, 1st in Kumite, 3rd in Kobudo, JR BLACK BELT GRAND CHAMPION!
– Walter A.: 2nd in Kata
– Lily C.: 2nd in Kata, 2nd in Kumite, 5th in Kobudo
– Myah B.: 2nd in Kata, 3rd in Kumite
– Regan R.: 2nd in Kata

Excellent job, everyone! You have represented our dojo very well! Osu!

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34th Annual ShidokanUSA Tournament

Let is Let it be known that the following students represented our dojo well at the annual Shidokan tournament on Saturday, May 2, 2015. They all performed well, and each was a credit to our school. I am proud of each and every one of them.

Calla B.
Evan M.
Fran R.
George D.
Jacob R.
Joseph R.
Karrie W.
Kendra B.
Walter A.
Zach B.

Altogether, our dojo brought home…
• 3 First Place Medals
• 4 Second Place Medals
• 2 Third Place Medals
• 3 Fourth Place Medals

Green Mountain Open – Tournament Champion

Congratulations to Sensei Jill Chastenay, who took two first place trophies and won the Female Black Belt Grand Championship at the Green Mountain Open in Rutland, VT, on Saturday, March 28th.

For a complete list of our dojo’s tournament champions, click on the “Trainers of Champions!” link on the front page of our website.

New England Classic Tournament Results

Congratulations to all who participated in the New England Classic tournament (2/1/14) at Franklin Pierce University.  Results from our dojo are as follows…

  • Sensei Amelia Gallup – 1st Place Kata / 1st Place Kobudo / Grand Champion Kata
  • Sensei Jill Chastenay – 2nd Place Kata / 2nd Place Kumite.
  • Michael H. – 4th Place Kata.
  • Aiden K. – 5th Place Kata / 5th Place Kumite.

You have represented our dojo well, and we are proud of you all!