Student Resource Pages Launched

Rising Sun Martial Arts has launched a series of student resource pages aimed at giving students a better handle on the terminology, protocols, and philosophies of karate.  The White Belt page began distribution tonight (2/6/14) in classes, with other levels to follow in successive months.

The White Belt pages features information such as…

  • The name of our style and the English translation.
  • Procedures for the opening and closing of class.
  • Selected Japanese terminology (with pronunciations).
  • The belt color sequence.
  • Instructions for folding your gi.
  • And more!

New students entering the dojo will be given a folder containing the White Belt page and a copy of the Dojo Rules.  As they progress through the ranks, more pages will be added.

To bring current students up to speed, Kyoshi will be distributing folders (containing the White Belt page and a copy of the Dojo Rules) to Junior students.  Adults students will receive the White Belt page, with the thought that they can supply their own folders as they desire.

The Purple Belt page is scheduled to be distributed in March.

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