August 2015 Promotions

Congratulations to those students who passed their rank evaluations on Friday night, August 28, 2015!

Calla B. earned her third stripe on her Brown Belt, Brandon D. earned his Blue Belt, George D. earned his Brown Belt, Walter A. earned his Green Belt, and Kaeden H. earned his Yellow Belt.

2015 Aug 28

Rank testing is conducted each month for those students who qualify – meaning that they meet minimum class hour requirements and display positive attitude, good effort, and quality technique.  Belts are not gifts – any belt worn by students in our dojo has been earned.

The sequence of belts in our dojo is as follows:

  • White Belt
  • Purple Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Orange Belt
  • Blue Belt
  • Green Belt with 1 Brown Stripe
  • Green Belt with 2 Brown Stripes
  • Green Belt with 3 Brown Stripes
  • Brown Belt with 1 Black Stripe
  • Brown Belt with 2 Black Stripes
  • Brown Belt with 3 Black Stripes
  • Black Belt

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