2014 Goals

At the First Night of Training 2014, Kyoshi Baker challenged the students to set goals for what they want to accomplish this year.  Students and instructors wrote (and are still writing) their goals on the dojo whiteboard.  Here are some examples…

  • I will do each of my kata at least once per week.  [Black Belt]
  • I want to be a Sankyu (1st Degree Brown Belt).  [Green Belt]
  • I want to do Tae Kiyoko Gedan 200 times in a year.  [Green Belt]
  • To DO more and try less.  [Green Belt]
  • I want to learn 10 more Tae Kiyoko.  [Green Belt]
  • To be healthier & to learn & be wiser.  [Blue Belt]
  • To do my very best in every class.  [Black Belt]
  • I want to do 10,000 sit-ups in 2014.  [Blue Belt]
  • I want to be a Green Belt by the end of the year.  [Purple Belt]
  • To earn my Black Belt this year.  [Brown Belt]
  • I want to learn all the Tae Kiyokos.  [Green Belt]
  • I want to do a ten-by-ten this year.  [Brown Belt]
  • I wish to become a Brown Belt.  [Green Belt]
  • I want to be a Nikyu (2nd Degree Brown Belt) by the end of 2014.  I also want to do 15 of each Tae Kiyoko daily.  [Green Belt]
  • Shiko Dachi will become my favorite stance.  [Blue Belt]
  • 100 classes by Oct. 1, 2014.  [Black Belt]
  • Make Gokyu (2nd Degree Green Belt) in Kobudo.  [Black Belt]
  • To be a white-yellow belt in weapons.  [Blue Belt]
  • To be invited to join the weapons class.  [Brown Belt]
  • I want to be an orange belt by the end of the year.  [Yellow Belt]
  • I want to be a Brown Belt before my brother comes back.  [Green Belt]
If you haven’t set a goal for yourself for this year, what are you waiting for?  What do you want to accomplish this year?  Add your goal to the board!