Tuition Assistance

A message from our Director:

At Rising Sun Martial Arts, we make every effort to provide quality instruction at affordable prices.  Over the years, I have often been criticized by industry leaders for charging prices that are significantly below industry standards.  (The national average for traditional karate training is currently in the neighborhood of $150 per month.)  It has always been my philosophy, however, that karate training should be accessible to all who have the desire to pursue it – as all can benefit from it.

Unfortunately, as a school owner, I have to balance my role as teacher with my role as businessman.  If the dojo does not generate enough income, the business will not survive.  This would severely limit my ability to offer karate to those who want to learn it.

The Tuition Assistance Program is my compromise between keeping the business profitable and making karate accessible to all.  Please direct all inquiries about this program directly to me.  Finally, this list is not exhaustive – I am open to discussing other ideas as well as those presented below.

Thank you for your participation in our program!  You are a vital part of our dojo family!

Kyoshi Baker


Tuition Assistance Program

The current tuition structure at Rising Sun Martial Arts is as follows:

  • One Year of Unlimited Training = $1168.00
    • Down Payment = $189.00 (includes first month, registration, and annual dues in the Shidokan International Karate-do/Kobu-do Training and Research Federation).
    • Balance = $89 per month for 11 months.

The $100 registration fee will be waived when a student refers a friend who signs up for a year of classes.

All tuition assistance is contingent upon consistent class attendance!  Students receiving assistance are expected to be in class every week (with exceptions made for illness or other special circumstances).

In those cases where $89 per month is not affordable, individuals/families may opt to reduce tuition by providing service to the dojo.  Some of the services that could be provided include, but are not limited to…

  • Vacuuming and/or mopping the dojo on a weekly basis.
  • Cleaning mirrors in the dojo/gym on a weekly basis.
  • Assisting with monthly inventory of belts, uniforms, and sparring gear.  (Adults only.)
  • Outreach calls (reaching out by phone to students who have missed a week or more  of classes.)  (Adults only.)
  • Providing supervision for young children/siblings of students during Saturday morning classes.  (14 years old & above)
  • Shoveling snow off of the building roof.  (Adults only – as needed.)

Services and tuition reduction will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact Kyoshi directly if you would like to apply for Tuition Reduction.