Kick-Turn-Punch Partner Drill

Taught to Kyoshi Baker by Sensei Teruo Chinen (Brattleboro, VT.  July 30, 2005.)

Chinen Sensei taught this drill at the Children’s Seminar.  It is recommended for all Juniors and Adult Novice students, and as a basic drill for high-level students.

Calla Baker & Becca O’Neil perform the drill after learning it at Karate Camp that day.  8/10/2016.


Minimum Rank – Jukyu (Purple Belt) & Above

Prerequisite Knowledge – Students must already know…

  • Kihon (Basics)
    • Seiken Tsuki (Front Punch)
    • Mae Geri (Front Thrust Kick)
  • Dachi Waza (Stepping Technique)
    • Zenkutsu Sho (Fighting Posture)

Instructional Sequence

  • After bowing in, partners face each other in Hidari Kumite position (left fighting posture), close enough to make solid contact with punches.
    • Both sides throw right Mae Geri past each other, landing in Migi Kumite position (right side fighting posture) facing away from each other.
    • Students swing their rear (left) foot around in front of their right foot, pivoting on the right foot, to land back in Hidari Kumite, facing each other.  (To do this, they will be turning clockwise.)
    • As students land in Hidari Kumite, they throw right Chudan Tsuki (middle-level punch) to their partner’s stomach, making light contact.
    • Repeat.
  • You may start this drill by having students move on the count, then change to having them do it continuously on their own.
  • After a few minutes, switch to the other side of the body – starting in Migi Kumite, kicking with the left foot, punching with the left hand.

The Chant

  • Complete Sequence: “Kick, Step Around, Punch.”
    • As with all drills, fell free to use or not use this chant OR modify it to fit your needs.

Talking Points

  • The goal here is to have a continuous, flowing pattern of stepping and turning with technique.  Students should move together, so that they learn to move when their opponent moves.
  • When kicking, students will be kicking across their own center line.
  • After each turn, students should be in-line with each other, squared up and ready for the next move.

Good Luck & Have Fun!

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