Instructor Articles

This is a library of articles from various places.  Some are about training, some are about teaching, some are inspirational.  If you find articles that you’d like posted here, please email them to Kyoshi.

Online Articles

What is “Sensei”? – from the ASAI Shotokan Association International

From Martial Arts Success Magazine

Growing Your School Column

Jan. 2016 – Sparring Does NOT Lose Students When You Conduct Your Classes THIS Way

Inspiration Ovation Column

Aug. 2015 – How Prolific Inventor Thomas Edison Dealt with Bullying

Dec. 2015 – The Power of a Symbol

Jan. 2016 – Mediocrity vs Risk-Taking Courage

Feb. 2016 – Hot Cheetos

In the Classroom Column

Nov. 2015 – Checklist for Communicating with Parents and Students

Dec. 2015 – How Martial Arts Schools Fill 6 Basic Human Needs

Jan 2016 – I Have Done My Best Work When…

Masterful Retention Column

Dec. 2015 – How to Transform Your Instructors from Good to Great!

Turning Point Column

Dec. 2015 – Andrew Linick – Getting Decked by a Sensei in 1958

Jan. 2016 – Cezar Borkowski – Defying His Father, Who Wanted Him to Become a Doctor or Lawyer

You Messed Up!  Now What? Column

Jan. 2016 – It’s Not WHAT You Say, It’s HOW You Say It