Kata Sepai

18 – often translated as “18 Hands” or “18 Strategies

Sepai is one of the old Kung Fu kata that were taught to Higaonna Sensei, and which were incorporated into the Okinawan karate systems.

This video was shot on an iPhone, after a class with Hanshi-Sei Richard Bernard.  Hanshi-Sei had given us some details and corrections on this kata; the video was to document these updates for future reference.  You may note that Kyoshi corrects his hand position on one part, due to this having been corrected earlier that evening.

Kyoshi currently does not have a written sequence at this time.

This page is an excellent resource for this kata, as it contains video of Morio Higaonna Sensei demonstrating and explaining the technique.  Please note that some of the details are different than our version of Sepai, which has been handed down from Hanshi-Sei Bernard.


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