Teaching Kicks

Geri Waza – Kicking Technique.

When teaching kicks, remember that they are taught in order of difficulty – not in the order in which they are performed in Kihon.  It is worthwhile to mention this to students early on, so that they are not confused when the techniques are eventually put back into their proper order.

When viewing the video on teaching kicks, watch for the following strategies:

  1. Introducing the chamber (and, in some cases, the foot position) separately from the rest of the kick.
  2. Tips for dealing with balance issues.

Instructional Sequence

Kogen Geri

  • Explain the concept of chambering with the leg. Do two to four reps (just chamber).
  • Demonstrate the kick in four steps – chamber, kick, rechamber, return to stance.
  • Have them do the kick at medium speed (for balance). Six to ten reps.
  • Discuss foot position, striking surface, and target. More reps.
  • Use kicking shield or mini-shield for practice.

Mae Geri

  • Sit on the floor. Show foot position for Kogen Geri, Mae Geri, and then pull the whole foot back towards you (stretch). Explain that a good stretch is not good for kicking (risk of injury).
  • Stand up – show kick, emphasizing foot position.

Sokuto Geri

  • Kneel down – show foot position (foot points to front, toes up, push with heel).
    • Do not force foot flat – danger to ankle!
  • Stand up, show chamber.
  • Show kick.

Kansetsu Geri

  • Demo and practice pivoting 45o from Heiko Dachi.
  • Hand student stand nest to wall, hold wall for support, do six reps with foot away from wall. Emphasize pivot. You may use a green ring as a target for direction of kick. Have student turn around to face back of dojo, six reps on other foot.
    • You may then do a further three or four reps on each foot – starting facing front.
  • Go back to regular position (away from wall) for practice.
  • Target practice: use two focus targets. Kneel in seiza, hold them out at knee height.

Mawashi Geri

  • Same as Kansetsu Geri, but Kicking Shield or Mini-Shield for target.


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