Nyumonshaphobia Assessment

This is the final assessment for the Overcoming Nyumonshaphobia online course.  If you are taking this course to gain teaching certification for a teaching title OR to recertify your teaching grade, you must complete this assessment.  If you are auditing this course, or simply using it as a reference for your own teaching, then you are welcome to skip this section.

Please copy and paste these questions, along with your answers, into an email addressed to Kyoshi Baker (Kyoshi@RisingSunDojo.com), with “Nyumonshaphobia Assessment” in the subject line.

Please answer all questions in your own words.

  1. What is the purpose of having a separate class for White Belts?
  2. Why is Kihon taught out of sequence?
  3. Must each White Belt class begin with a complete review of all previously taught techniques?  Why or why not?
  4. Why is the quality of a student’s technique less important in the Beginner (White Belt) Class than it would be in the Novice Class?
  5. Why are blocks taught first?  (Give one philosophical reason and one educational reason.)
  6. What is meant by “self defense begins with good technique”?
  7. Why is it important to give the target for each strike/kick?
  8. Why is the Code of Ethics discussed at the same class as Fura Uchi?
  9. You are teaching Yoko Uke (Middle Block) to a new White Belt, and are on the three-count step of the teaching sequence.  You notice that the student was getting better at this level, but suddenly is struggling.  What should you do?  Why?
  10. You are teaching a new kick to your White Belt and you notice that he/she is having trouble with balance.  You have already explained the tips for improving balance at an earlier class.  What are some possible problems that could be causing their balance issues?


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