Sempai Gallione performs Chounokun

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      Just setting up this thread – Sempai should be the first to analyze her kata.

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      Ok, some things I noticed are:
      I definitely need more pauses between moves.
      The hand change to one of the overhead strikes didn’t have good palming.
      On the “twirl” disarm when I finished the circle, the bo was not level; the far end was pointing up a bit.
      On the move right after that, I had the bo up too high to block a strike to the lower leg, instead of bringing it lower and then lifting up.

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      Also, on the last poke to the back after the main back sequence, the bo wavered at the end, instead of being still, and I definitely did not pause enough on that.

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      The first thing that I saw was: TOO FAST! It’s hard to analyze the kata if everything is a blur! I think your comment about needing more pauses (punctuation, as Hanshi Bernard would say) is a good one. That will definitely help.

      Watch it again, but just look at your feet. There are a couple of places where you seem to be jumping into stance. Slowing down might help that, too.


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