Kyoshi does Chounokun

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      This is just a quick post, as I’m also learning how to insert a forum onto pages!
      Things that I noticed…
      – It looks like I’m hitting Zenkutsu & Shiko Dachi, instead of Seisan & Naihanchi Dachi.
      – When I first go to the back, I think my hands are too loose on the bo when I toss it up (just before going down on one knee).
      – The knee strike to the rear is too high.

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      I’m going to say what I said in a different section because I think it’s the wrong section! So, you have really good precision with your moves, and each move is separate and distinct; the moves don’t run into each other, so that is great. 🙂

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      I also noticed that on the very end when you bow, your bo wavers instead of staying in one place right next to you, but that is a really picky thing. I’m trying to find stuff! You’re really good, so it’s hard. And one of your kiai’s was in the wrong place, and then you missed where it really was, but that is just a mess-up.

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        I never noticed that, but you are right: my bo moved a lot on the bow. I’ll have to watch for that when I do kata.

        Domo arigato, Sempai!


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