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      First off, I had an extra punch to the rear (first time going to the rear). I knew it when I did it.

      On thing that jumps out at me is the reverse-grip blocks when I go to the rear (both times). It seems like the lead end of the Bo is sticking out pretty far to the side. In Kobudo, we talk about controlling centerline; in Karate, we work to the edges of the body because there’s nothing to defend out beyond it. I think I’m letting the momentum of the move carry me too far out to the sides.

      Stance-wise, my Seisan Dachi looks a bit too close to Zenkutsu Dachi. My front foot is turned in, but my hips are often square. I need to work on this stance more.

      Should the foot come up so high on the helicopter strike?

      Kyoshi Baker

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      I noticed that on most of the overhead strikes, your bo was coming to your shoulder instead of your forearm. I don’t know if that is a problem or not, but it was something I saw. Also, a couple of your front thrust punches rose up, instead of staying level.

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