John performs Chounokun

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      Starting the thread. John should analyze hid kata first, then others can comment.

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      My Kata was loose and I never really stopped to hit stance. I allso think that up the front my arm was high on the overhead strike.

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      I agree that you need to add some stops to show the stance/technique. Two things that jumped out at me:

      1. When you do the two “Choun disarms” to the front (near the beginning), the second one is much shorter than the first. It’s like you did the first one, but never really finished the second.

      2. When you go to do the knee strike to the rear (at the second kiai point), you jumped into the stance. You should be stepping and turning into this stance, and then striking from a solid stance.


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      A couple things I saw were on the on-your-knee sequence to the back. Once you do the side strike, you didn’t drop the bo down so that it’s level with the floor before inserting it for the disarm, and then once you do the disarm, it looked like you didn’t do the inside forearm block before poking. Great job overall!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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