Reply To: Odo no Nunchaku – Kyoshi Baker


Okay, I watched this video three times this evening: once for stance, once for weapon handling, and once for focus.

I am fairly pleased with my stance work. My Seisan Dachi seems solid (feet flat on the ground). It feels good, although I wonder if the front foot should be turned in more? I did seem to blow through the Neko Ashi Dachi on the southeast diagonal (just before “throwing” the nunchaku), which I should be able to fix by pausing there.

As far as weapon handling went, there are two possible issues that jump out at me: (1) I tend to grab the chuks a bit too high, and (2) my wrist seems pretty weak on the “circle-circle” parts (spinning the nunchaku at my side). Not sure how big a problem these are, but something for me to work on, at any rate.

Focus seemed pretty good, although I caught myself looking down a couple of times – either at the floor or at my weapon. Must do more Sanchin to improve focus!

Kyoshi Baker

Anyone catch anything that I missed?