Rain Dance

Rain Dance is a game that we often use for warm-ups.  Students pass a ball/target back and forth while jogging around in a big circle.  In addition to warming up, this builds coordination and communication.  (This can also be used to help new students learn people’s names.)

Suggested Minimum Rank

  • None – anyone can play.

Prerequisite Knowledge – Students must already know…

  • None, although it is helpful if everyone knows everyone else’s name.

Rules of the Game

  • Set-Up
    • Mark out a circle for the students to jog around.
      • In the dojo, we use the red floor tiles (either the small square or the larger rectangle).
      • On the gym floor, we mark out a large circle with cones.
    • Select two types of objects to be passed, and designate what is to be done with each.
      • Using mini-shields, red targets are passed forward, black is passed backwards.
  • Play
    • Students jog around the marked off area, tossing the designated objects to each other.
    • If the object is dropped (hits the floor), both people who dropped it go to the center of the running area and do push-ups/sit-ups.
      • The first time a player drops the object, they do push-ups.  The next time, sit-ups.  Then back to push-ups, and so on.  (Instructors can substitute other exercises – especially for students with injuries or limitations.)
      • As this is a warm-up game, we typically do sets of 5 push-ups/sit-ups.  However, instructors might opt to do more reps to warm-up students in a shorter period of time.  Also, higher belts may opt to do more reps to increase their workout.
    • About mid-way through the game, the instructor should have the players stop and reverse direction.
  • Rules
    • If an object is dropped, both players (the one throwing and the one receiving) must go in the middle for push-ups/sit-ups.
    • Do not stop in the middle of the track OR go backwards to pick up a dropped object!  Let the next person get it or pick it up on your next time around.
    • There should be no talking except to call the person’s name who you are tossing the object to.

Good Luck & Have Fun!

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