Kissaki Kai Drill

From NAPMA Innovations, April 2005.

This is a self-defense drill based on concepts from Kissaki Kai karate.  This drill is intented to do maximum damage to an attacker, using a minimum amount of exertion on the defender’s part.  Thus, this is a great self-defense drill for defenders who may be weaker, disabled, or elderly.

Minimum Rank – Hachikyu (Orange Belt) & Above

Prerequisite Knowledge – Students must already know…

  • Yoko Uke (Middle Block) or Kake Uke (Wrist Hook Block)
  • Seiken Tsuki (Front Punch)
  • Mawashi Hiji Ate (Roundhouse Elbow Strike)
  • Mae Geri (Front Thrust Kick) or Hiza Geri (Knee Kick)
  • Zenkutsu Sho (Fighting Posture)

Complete Drill

  • Starting from a natural stance or short fighting posture…
    • Attacker throws Migi Oi Tsuki (right lunge punch) to the face, stepping in.  Defender does Migi Kake Uke (right wrist hook block) while moving to the outside.
    • Defender grabs the punching arm and pulls the attacker off balance by pulling forward and down.
    • The right hand then punches away, striking the attacker’s face with the bicep muscle.
    • As the attacker’s head comes up, Hidari Mawashi Hiji Ate with the left elbow to the back of the head, just behind the ear.
    • Throw Hiza Geri (knee kick) to the side of the upper leg.  Do not make  actual contact, as this is a strong strike and could do damage during practice.
    • Grab the head with one hand on the chin, the other on the back of the head.  Turn the head away from you into a throw.  Be very careful of the neck!
      • As you turn their head, imagine directing their gaze in a diagonal arc from horizon to horizon, following the path of the Sun across the sky.
    • Once the attacker is on the ground, finish with Kogen Geri (instep kick) or a shin kick to the back of the attacker’s neck/head.

Instructional Sequence

  1. Attacker throws punch, defender blocks and unbalances.
  2. Add the punch away (bicep strike).
  3. Add the elbow strike.
  4. Add the throw down.
  5. Add the knee strike in, just after the elbow.
  6. Add the finish.

The Chant

  • Complete Sequence: “Block, Pull Down. Punch Away. Elbow, Knee, Grab Head. Hey Look: A Bird!  Oh, It Landed.  Finish
    • I use the bird concept as to help students get the idea of moving the head through two planes of motion: vertical and horizontal.
    • As with all drills, fell free to use or not use this chant OR modify it to fit your needs.

Talking Points

  • Do not make actual contact with the biceps punch to the face, the elbow strike, the knee strike, or the final kick to the back of the neck.  These are all too dangerous for actual contact during training without appropriate gear.
  • The initial attacker, once on the ground, should reach behind their head and cover the back of their neck with their hand for extra safety during the final kick.

Rules of Combat

  1. Move to the side of an attack, not straight back.
  2. Unbalance the attacker’s body.
  3. Strike up and down the body to confuse the attacker’s brain.
  4. The defender goes home safe at the end of the confrontation.

Good Luck & Have Fun!

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