Chinen’s Basics

Taught to Kyoshi Baker by Teruo Chinen Sensei.

This fighting drill was taught by Chinen Sensei at a seminar held at the Brattleboro School of BuDo in Brattleboro, VT. The drill consists of six segments, each comprised of ten techniques. The drill is performed on both right and left sides.

Suggested Minimum Rank

  • Kukyu (Yellow Belt) & Above

Prerequisite Knowledge – Students must already know…

  • Kihon
    • Age Uke (Upper Block)
    • Yoko Uke (Middle Block)
    • Haraiotoshi Uke (Downward Sweeping Block)
    • Seiken Tsuki (Front Punch)
    • Ura Uchi (Backfist)
    • Mae Geri (Front Kick)
  • Stances
    • Zenkutsu Dachi (Front Bent Leg Stance)
    • Kokutsu Dachi (Back Stance)
    • Neko Ashi Dachi (Cat Foot Stances)

Instructional Sequence

  • First Segment
    • Start the drill in left-side fighting posture.
    • Right leg Mae Geri, land in left Zenkutsu Dachi, right punch.
    • Draw right first to left shoulder, then throw backfist to side of head, retracting fist back to shoulder.
    • Left punch.
    • Draw the right foot back into right Neko Ashi Dachi while performing right Age Uke.
    • Slide out to right Zenkutsu Dachi, left punch.Pivot to the left into Kokutsu Dachi, right Haraiotoshi Uke.
    • Pivot back to Zenkutsu Dachi, punch (kiai), punch.
  • Second Segment
    • Same pattern as first, except that the Age Uke changes to Yoko Uke.
    • Start from the end of the previous segment by throwing left Mae Geri.
  • Third Segment
    • Same pattern as second, except that the Yoko Uke changes to Haraiotoshi Uke.
    • Start from the end of the previous segment by throwing right Mae Geri.
  • Fourth – Sixth Segments
    • Working backwards from the third segment.
    • Throw Mae Geri with front leg, then step backwards into stance.


  • Kick, punch, backfist, punch, pull back/upper block, kick, punch, Kokutsu Dachi, punch, punch.
  • In the second segment, change “upper block” to “middle block”.
  • In the third segment, change “upper block” to “Haraiotoshi Uke”.

Talking Points

  • It is worth spending a lot of time on the first segment, as the pattern will be the same for each successive segment.
  • In the third segment, the Haraiotoshi Uke in Neko Ashi Dachi is almost certain to throw people off – including instructors! This is because, during Haraiotoshi Uke, the arm circles in the opposite direction than it does during Age Uke and Yoko Uke.
  • The last three segments use the same pattern as the first three, except that one kicks and then steps backwards for the punch.

Good Luck & Have Fun!

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