Kata Sesan

13 – often translated as “13 Hands” or “13 Strategies

Sesan is one of the old Kung Fu kata that were taught to Higaonna Sensei, and which were incorporated into the Okinawan karate systems.

This kata was taught to Kyoshi Baker, Sensei Cathryn Gallione and Sensei Amelia Gallup by Hanshi-Sei Richard Bernard during his visit to our dojo on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

Some notes on the kata…

  • All kicks are Kansetsu Geri (Knee-Joint Kick) except for the optional Side Kick to the back and the Mae Geri (Front Thrust Kick) at the end.
  • All middle blocks are Yoko Geri, except for two Kake Uke (Wrist Hook Block): one in the Shiko Dachi, facing southwest, the other at the end, facing north, just before the Mae Geri.
  • In Mawashi Uke, fingers are closed on the blocking part, open on the striking part.  This is true to all Mawashi Uke, in all kata.

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