Facility Notes

In the event that you find yourself in charge of the dojo, with the responsibility to either open it up before classes OR to close up shop afterwards, here are some helpful items.


Lights in the gym are turned off and on by a circuit box above Jeff’s stereo system. There are four switches which control the four strings of lights on the ceiling. These are in the left column, two above the white tape and two below it. These are the only switches you should touch. (Turn on the ones you need – you may decide that you don’t need them all.)


Looking at the circuit box, the gym lights are controlled by four switches in the left side – two above and two below the bottom white tape. The tan knobs to the left of the box control the ceiling fans.

Note: The tan dials on the wall to the left of this circuit box control the gym ceiling fans. If you turn them on, be sure to turn them back off before you leave!


There are five heaters in the facility:

  • Gym Floor – The dial is on the far wall, near the metal beam. If you need it on, turn it up to 68 or 70. Please make sure that it gets set back to 52 before you leave.
  • Office Closet – The dial is above the shelve with the gis. You can lift the top shelf to get at it better. (Don’t climb on the shelf – it’s not nailed down and will tip!) Same settings at the gym floor thermostat.
  • Bathrooms – On Saturday mornings in the winter, I try to get in early to turn these on and hang my gi over the register. Before you leave, please make sure that both are turned all the way off.
  • Small Dojo Heater – To take the chill off before class! Turn it off before class starts. Make sure it’s off before you leave. (Push the dial in and turn.)

Fire Extinguisher

In the event that you ever need it, the fire extinguisher is on the wall next to the attendance cards.


The fire extinguisher is located near the attendance cards boxes, to the left of the payment box.

First Aid Kit

This can be found on the shelves to the left of the refrigerator (in the office). Ice packs are in the freezer.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies, as well as toilet paper and paper towels can be found in a cupboard in the Men’s Room. There is also a metal key to open the paper towel dispensers with.

Cleaning Supplies


Before You Leave…

  • Turn off/down all the heating units (as described above).
  • Check the bathrooms – toilets should be flushed, doors propped open, lights/heat off.
  • Turn off the dojo and gym lights.
  • Turn off any fans that are on.
  • Lock the door on your way out.